The Liga Program


The LIGA Program was developed to provide gymnastics instruction tailored to both your child's age and his/her skill level. Beginners are welcome to join at any stage in our program. Our goal is to develop your child's ability, self-esteem and confidence in an environment that is empowering. Within each class, groups are made based on age and ability. All classes are staffed at a 7:1 ratio with the availability for makeups. We will never have a class with more then 8 children per instructor. This ratio ensures individual attention and consistent skill progression.Long Island Gymnastic Academy's wide range of programs include the following:

MOMMY/DADDY AND ME: Ages - 12 months to 3 years

These classes are designed for the youngest students in our program, and parents are along for the ride! With your help we create an environment in which toddlers can learn and explore through play. They will develop fine and gross motor skill as well as coordination, as the learn to tumble and jump. Through introduction to colors, numbers, and letters they will learn letters they will learn language development, self expression, and early problem solving. Their spatial and perceptual awareness will increase while they are excepting new environments. Together we will gently guide them through sharing and learning to cooperate with other children

SEPARATION: Ages - 2.5 to 3.5 years

This program is designed to ease parents and children into the idea of separating from one another for the duration of gymnastics class. Beginner gymnastics skill will be introduced reinforcing balance, strength, and agility. Over time our children will gain confidence and independence and want to participate in class with out mom or dad! As in all of our classes, proper social and listening skill will be strengthened. They will be encouraged to take turns and follow direction.


PRENASTICS: Ages - 3 to 4 years

This program is designed to ease parents and children into the idea of separating from one another for the duration of gymnastics class. At 3 years old, your children, seemingly overnight, will develop tremendous energy. They will no longer be unsteady toddlers, but rambunctious children. We want to channel their energy while helping them to reach developmental milestones. Through structured physical activities we will work on mastering numbers and colors as well as developing our imaginations. Beginner gymnastics skills are introduced to reinforce balance, strength, and agility. Gradually your child will gain confidence and independence and want to solo, participate in class without mom or dad. Throughout the program we will consistently use positive reinforcement to develop your childs sense of accomplishment and pride in acheivements. As in all of our classes, proper social and listening skills are strengthened. They will be encouraged to take turns and follow directions./p>



This class is the intermediary step between our Prenastics and Recreational programs. Though their classes are held simultaneously, boys and girls are now split into separate groups, although classes are held simultaneously. Here they begin learning skills such as cartwheel, handstand, and backwards roll. These skills are taught using safe and seamless progressions. We foster a safe and comfortable atmosphere to develop your child's ability and enhance their sense of accomplishment.


RECREATIONAL CLASSES: Ages - 6 to 17 years

Within this age range children are still growing tremendously, but they are each developing at a unique pace. That's why our Recreational programs are structured a bit differently then those for our younger students. Classes are split up into smaller, personalized groups, keeping in mind not only gender-specific disciplines, but varying developmental abilites, This allows our students to tacle new challenges on their own skill levels. It also means that we can accept students with beginner, intermediate, or more advanced skill sets and put them on a customized path to success.

Our instruction will aim to develop a comprehensive set of skill including handstand, forward and backward roll, front and back walkovers, and front and back handsprings. In this program students will get full access to all of the gym equipment.

Many students take our Recreational programs over multiple years. With that kind of dedication we can make a real difference in strength and ability but also in social and mental conditioning. As our students feel more and more comfortable over time we encourage maintaining attention and concentration by asking them to manage emotions, and increased willingness to take on roles of leadership. We have limited availability for boys over the age of 5, so please contact us before the semester begins to express your interest in one of these classes.


DEVELPMENTAL /ADVANCED GYM: Ages - 9 to 17 years (Invitation Only)

These classes are for students who have demonstrated the required skill set and are ready to devote a greater amount of time to gymnastics. Classes are 2 hours long and are more demanding. A Student must be able to execute 10 of 12 Prerequisite skills that include floor, beam, bars and vault. Enrollment requires approval from the testing coach or the gym director.


This class is invite only, team practices are held three days a week, with each class being 3 hours. Girls who decide to do team are not only expected to attend the practices but also attend meets. Girls on the team levels may vary between levels 1-10



Available year round see LIGA Party Page for more information


Open Gym: Ages - 12 months to 4 year

Open gym is available to all children 4 and under who are already a part of our program. It is a relaxed non - structured environment in which a staff member is on hand in a supervisory capacity only. Adult supervision is required for the entire hour. Fee must be paid for, at class time. (10$/hour)

MINI CAMP: Ages - 5 and Up

Due to the success of last years mini camp, LIGA has decided to host an extended summer Mini Camp. A fun filled day with gymnastics, team building skills, arts & crafts and physical activity.


SUMMER CAMP: Ages - 5 and Up

The LIGA Summer Camp is a fun filled exciting program designed to meet the needs of each individual gymnast, beginners through advanced. Our camp is designed to be a gymnastic intensive MondayTuesday Thursday Friday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, With a recovery day  on Wednesdays! Enrollment is limited so please call the office with any questions. Prices vary depending on how many days your child is attending. You can enroll for one day or for the entire summer. Please call the office with any questions. (516)569-5115

Private Lessons: Ages - 5 and Up

LIGA offers private lessons as a supplemental tool to help individuals reach their gymnastics goals! private lessons depend on the gym, and coaches availability. privates are to be scheduled with the coach individually. For a lesson to be considered a private the ratio must be 1:1.

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