Frequently Asked Questions

 01  When are the classes? 

           We offer two 18 week sessions per academic year, Fall and Spring. All of our classes meet once a week. 



 02 How do I sign up? 

           Call us to find out the availability of the class you are interested in. Our admission is rolling depending on availability. If you join in the middle of a semester we will prorate the fee. We do require a $45 insurance fee per academic year, which runs from September through June. Tuition is per 18-week semester. We require a 50% deposit at the time you register. 



 03 Can I try out a class? 

           Yes, if we have room in the class. You can pay for one class, and decide at the end of the class if you want to continue. Trial prices vary and applicants are permitted only one trial class. If you attend a class for a second time we will assume you want to be registered for the semester and we will invoice you as such. We do not offer any pay-as-you-go classes, with the exception of Mommy and Me classes during the summer months. 



 04  What if my child misses a class? 

           We reserve a number of spots in each class for what we call “make-ups.” If you miss your class you can come to the same class on a different day of the week. However, you must call beforehand to make sure there is room in that class on that night. 


 05  What if my child doesn’t want to do gymnastics anymore? 

            If for any reason you need to discontinue a class let our office know in writing (email or in person) and we will take him/her out of the class and refund the remainder of your fee. You will be responsible for payment for all classes prior to the day we receive a written notice. In special circumstances, verifiable medical absences will be credited throughout the semester if a written notice provided. 

 06  What method of payment do you accept? 

           We accept cash or check. Checks should be payable to L.I.G.A. Sorry, we don’t accept credit cards. 

 07  What if I am late with a payment? 

         The remaining 50% of your tuition will be due halfway through the semester. If you are not paid in full by our deadline you will be subject to a $25 monthly re-billing fee. 

 08  Are there any discounts? 

           We offer a 10% discount if you register for multiple classes. We offer a sibling discount when you register more than one family member. 

 09  What should my child wear to class? 

          We want them to be comfortable. They can wear a leotard, leggings, sweatpants, or shorts. It helps us to better spot them if their tops are not too loose. We ask them to take their shoes, socks, and jewelry off. Long hair should be secured in a ponytail. LIGA is not responsible for lost or stolen property and encourage you to keep valuables at home.

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