About us:

Long Island Gymnastic Academy has been family owned and operated since 1975. L.I.G.A. owner/director Lucy Goetz is dedicated to the continuation and improvement of the program that has continuously served the community for over 40 years

Mission Statement:

 “Our sole purpose is to provide a safe and happy atmosphere in which children can learn and grow through gymnastics.”

What are the benefits of gymnastics you ask?

      Besides gymnastics being particularly challenging, as well as fun sport it might surprise you just how important this experience can be for a child. Partaking in gymnastics goes much further then learning how to Cartwheel and Handstand. Gymnastics offers physical skill development, for children who enjoy gymnastics as recreational activity, and those who wish to apply gymnastics to related fields such as dance, cheer, diving, or martial arts. An excellent opportunity for gaining confidence, coordination, and personal growth.
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